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June 2018
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Youth Racing
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A letter from one of our promotors
Good Afternoon…forget the good, as our country has descended into lunacy.

have spent most of the day on two conference calls relative to the
subject line above, and I must say I am rather concerned about the fate
of our sport and industry. Not to mention our local communities for the
further loss of jobs and $$ that our industry brings in each year. It
is certainly that dire..believe me.

As of yesterday, all the
OEMs had to pull for sale all new youth minicycles and atvs for those
under the age of 13…this under order of the CPSC due to lead content
of plastics and certain metals. As of yesterday, a dealer or private
individual can no longer provide parts or service, to these affected
machines, in which there is a possibility that those same parts may
contain lead…no oil changes, plastic, levers, engine cases, etc,
etc..goggles, helmets, clothing, knee name it. You may
think that is just for new machines, but it is for everything new and

The CPSC also ruled that machines under 85cc are considered toxic to the health of young children.

yesterday, Honda has pulled replacement parts from their service system
for these machines pending lead certification…this takes 400 days.
KTM, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha are doing the same thing. If you have
a 1,2,3 year old machine, you won’t be able to buy most parts for it
very soon.

Yamaha is sending out restrictions to its dealers
saying that an 85cc bike can only be sold, and should only be operated
by someone over the age of 13.

Now to the fun part for us as a race promoter.

the manufacturers are now issuing these guidelines, we as promoters
cannot allow a youth under the age of 13 to participate for two reasons.
are allowing someone to participate in a sanctioned activity on a
vehicle that has been determined by the manufacturer and the CPSC to be
unsafe for that age level.
We are allowing someone to participate in a sanctioned activity on a vehicle that the CPSC has determined is a toxic substance.
If you think I am joking, consider the following
Sports is considering removing youth classes from the Loretta Lynn’s
program, GNCC, and ATV Nationals…we run all three of these series and
I can tell you that these classes make up over 1/3 of our entries and
more than half of our attendance.
The AMA will be forced to ban
youths under 13 from any AMA amateur or pro competition due to legal
ramifications. The same will apply to local districts and sanctioning
bodies, as insurance will not be available to cover this exposure.
lifeblood of our sport are these kids..if they cannot participate, they
will find something else to do, and we will not get them back. They
will not race, watch, or buy products. That means Mom, Dad and older
brothers/sisters won’t be there either.
Unadilla would most likely
not participate in any form of amateur racing..with only half or less
of the entries left, it wouldn’t be financially possible.

are two efforts going on right now to get a temporary stay granted by
the CPSC for “Off Road Vehicles.” The MIC (Motorcycle Industry Council)
and Missouri State House Rep Mike Sense(#4 in line in the MO st govt)
are both developing grass roots letter campaigns through websites to
develop a ground swell of support for this stay. Keep in mind this is
only temporary, and unless a Federal injunction or legislation is
developed, this isn’t going away.

There are several opinions
floating around on this subject saying that our thinking is flawed and
that only the sale of new units is affected…if that is the case, why
are helmet, goggle, sneakers, sunglasses, OEM parts and accessories,
and dealer service being pulled for these units???

I will leave
you with this..if indeed this is overblown, and we are right that we
shouldn’t be affected by this, it still doesn’t mean that we
can’t/won’t be sued by someone using this logic, and worse yet,
convince a jury that the above is true. If it gets that far, you will
have spent nearly a million $$ in your own defense, just to prove you
were right all along.


I will get
you info on the two websites, and I encourage you to beg everyone you
know that rides, owns, promotes, or attends an off road sporting event
to get everyone they know in the same manner to fill out one of these
letters…Every Mom Dad and Kid should individually enter their name.
Then they should contact their local representatives too.

for listening, and please do not think you can’t make a your local representatives as well..explain the
economic impact this will have..educate yourself on this subject as
quickly as you can.

Greg Robinson
VP Marketing
Unadillla Motorsports

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